Saturday, 26 May 2012

Goodnight Moon.


Saying hello to the moon (and, as we were leaving the garden saying goodnight to the moon, too) and goodnight to the sun in our back garden at sunset.

I have a lot of romantic ideas when it comes to parenting. Most of which usually involve this little man being my dressing doll, allowing me to try on different outfits for hours on end - yeah, never gonna happen. 

But then some of those ideas actually come together. Like watching a sunset together on a hot May night - I didn't actually think out what the weather would be like in my fantasy, but because it's so hot this disrupted Roman's sleeping pattern and so this lead to us both being in the garden at 9.40pm, watching the sun dip behind the clouds and the half moon pop up to greet us. 

I also wondered what our neighbours would think of me as a mother if they dared peek out the window at our little garden scene; probably that I am awful for not having my rebel child into a routine and up at such a late hour. Funny thing is that I am most anal about my little routines and sometimes it's hard for me just to let go like not care about my time being disrupted and just soak in our time. Time I will never recover or get back - so who cares about my time and my routines? I don't throw them out the window every night but every once and a while is fine, a little flexibility here and there didn't hurt anyone.

P.S: I have another romantic idea: watching a sunrise and out of interest I checked when the sunrise is and balked when I saw it comes up before 4am. Maybe I'll save that for when I can't sleep ;).