Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pepsi Max: My First Taste Two Weeks Ago.

Stuck in bed all day. Had my first Pepsi Max, ever. It tasted unlike I expected - this is what happens when you grow up with parents who don't allow you to drink Coke/Pepsi/Dr Pepper et al (don't worry, I snuck drinks of most of these anyway.) While I hated them for it at the time, I am grateful for it now. I went 26 years without a filling and like to think this contributed to it. 

Unfortunately...I got my first four fillings in April of this year.  Hence the need for a Pepsi Max. Okay, maybe I could have just skipped the Pepsi Max altogether - but what's a girl to do when her husband comes home with something so foreign as this? It's like the time I discovered cartons of mango juice (with 50% of your RDA of sugar in each carton!) at the Chinese supermarket in Glasgow.