Friday, 11 May 2012



I was excited to learn that my parents were planning a trip from their far north of Scotland location to visit us. Okay, my dad had other stuff to attend to all day but my mum was able to spend a good chunk of the day with us. 

There was nothing eventful about the things we did today; caught a train in the rain, headed into Stirling, shopped and headed home. But it's in those non-eventful moments that memories and good times are formed - that my empty cup is filled with love from my parents, who I miss so much, and I like to think that Roman's memory and cup gets filled, too. With them living so far away from us it's hard. We don't get time to be the two of us - I know that's nothing to complain about, but still. I love Roman but sometimes I think it would be nice to catch a film or eat a dinner together and know that my mum would have no problem in helping us out with that every so often if she lived nearer.

But, they don't live nearer and this is how it is. So every time they visit and Roman gets 'squishies' like he's getting in the picture above it's a special memory I cherish, it's a moment I am excited about and it makes the time spent together all the more precious.