Wednesday, 30 May 2012



A little story before the main story: we've been re-introducing Roman to the potty lately. He's adjusting to it very well - he's always been aware of when his nappy needs changed and has lately become aware of when he might need to use it and sometimes not quite making it there. Well today I put him to bed like I always do; in a nappy. 

When Bryan went to get him after Roman's nap he shouted through to me; "Is he naked?" I didn't really understand why he was asking me that so I was thinking; 1. um, no?, 2. well if you have eyes, use them (yes I'm cheeky like that) and 3. the heck? Instead I replied back with, "no. Why would he be naked?" Well, my friends, Bryan replied with; "well, he is now." He peed into his nappy, ripped it off and slept naked. Then he peed all over his sheets (sorry 18 year old Roman if this story embarrasses you.) I couldn't stop laughing when I saw my little nudist sleeping on top of his sheets - he looked so comfortable. 

After the nap and getting him up - and recovering from a fit of laughter - I decided it would be nice for us to do a little activity together. When I say 'together' I mean I do all the hard slog and he reaps the rewards by getting to enjoy eating the mix from the whisk ;). When he'd licked the whisk dry he kept looking at me with his puppy eyes and asking for 'more sweeties.' 

He is so like me that sometimes all I can do is laugh my head off.