Wednesday, 2 May 2012

In The Garden.


When the day gets overwhelming I find an excuse - not that I need one - to go outside. And this is why I am eternally grateful to have a garden. Living in flats/apartments for nearly two years of our marriage and the first 18 or so months of Roman's life we never had an outside space that was ours and the lush green parks were far away from where we lived.

In the last town we lived in, it was also pretty urban; more cement, grey spaces, smoke, petrol fumes and urban noises (cars, people, music.) I find where we live now has a rural charm to it and even got excited when Bryan told me there might be a farm near us! I grew up around green spaces and farm life, not only five minutes away were fields of horses, a special pony called Corky who was the sweetest pony in living history and lots of manure smells - which I always hated but when I smell it now, reminds me of home. I used to hate the long grass and bumpkin-ness of where I grew up but these days I realise how truly blessed I was. We had a large family home, we always had a car that was road-worthy, we had as much fresh air as we liked and I loved being near animals.

I wanted the same for Roman, for him to be close to nature and animals but I don't think it will be in the same way I was close to it. Our garden will have to be that 'piece of heaven on earth' and so will our home. I'll do my best to get our home scrubbed to within an inch of it's life, as well as sorting out the overgrowing grass and garden. All so Roman can appreciate what we have and what we've worked hard to get. And in this process he'll be involved; planting tomatoes, sunflowers, cress, peppers so that he can enjoy nature alongside my love of nature.