Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Boys Feet.


Your feet before 'baff.'

When did you stop having baby feet?

Today was a blur and a mess kind of day. It went by in a blur and I felt like a mess; one task starts and another begins kind of day. Not wanting to deal with other people's problems and self-destruct in my own self made bed-nest.

I resisted the urge to delete my blog (for the 100000th time) after some drama with the commenting form and decided that I'd just let it be. It's only been a day and it needs some time for the dust to settle. That's my problem. I change things around and quickly want them back again. 

Seriously hoping Roman doesn't inherit this from me. 

The day always starts with his feet; the noise they make on the carpet when he's lifted from bed and I'm delighted that this day, that I can finally close the door on, ended with these precious feet. 

Little boy feet.