Monday, 28 May 2012

Consider It Tested.

My patience was really tried today. And that's how it goes. There are days like those, it comes part and parcel with having a child. 

I snapped this photo after a really frustrating moment where Roman kept insisting I help him. "And how can I help?" I asked my confused two year old.

 "HEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!" he screamed back in response, giving no clue as to what I could 'help' with. When I didn't understand - and tried to do everything I could to 'help', reaching for the toy he was playing with to put it back together, which only seemed to push him over the edge of the frustrated precipice he was  already sitting on. An outburst of the loudest screams ensued. Worse than the screams was the porcelain mug he was brandishing about, with the threat that he'd either smash it or hurt himself with it in some way.

The screaming stopped quickly when I thought fast and began to play peekaboo with him - he wasn't happy I hadn't 'helped' him but he'd forgotten enough about it to calm down and stop being so...angry about it. And yes, he was angry. He was frustrated. And I still don't have a clue what he wanted from me! 

He's normally able to communicate his needs very well but I think today was one of those days where he didn't feel he was able to communicate the finer details of his needs or wants. He was tired, I was tired and we were both frustrated with the situation. 

Tomorrow will be a better day.