Saturday, 12 May 2012



Cameras are so common place around here that I rarely get him to look at me but today was all about awareness, about pulling silly faces and even a picture of Mr. Potato Head facing the camera for some 'cheese' (I've no idea where Roman has picked up the cheese thing, I certainly did not teach him it.)

Getting Mr Potato Head to say 'cheese.'

Today was 'chookit' rolls with a side order of spicy soya sausage, pineapples, Cheezly and chewed up olives. Today was this 'yes I'm beautiful, what of it?' look. All. Day. Long. I love it. I love him. He makes me want to have a thousand more toddlers and a thousand more babies. 

I remember a time when he was a newborn and I thought to myself; 'will Bryan and I ever have another conversation?'. Today we sat on our bed; letting our thoughts get away with us, going on tangent after tangent getting so caught up in conversation. About half way through our discussion I realised we were back to that moment - a moment where we had a spare few hours together with no distractions. It was daytime. No one had work, a baby to change, feed or otherwise satisfy...but yet here we are three years and more into our marriage talking like we're dating, excited to feed off one another, accepting and open to the other's thoughts. 

And it's because of who Roman is that we were able to be in that moment. Because he is content, relaxed and so much fun - and falls asleep at night - we're also content, relaxed and so much fun. Happy child + happy parents = happy family. People are always asking us what we 'do' with Roman but the answer is that, quite frankly, we're just us. I get annoyed, I get frustrated and sometimes I even shout (working so hard on not shouting, though) but mostly these are good times. Mostly it's like the picture - messy, fun, relaxed. And a good dose of chookit/chocolate to get us through it if it's not going quite to plan* ;).

*Although it's worth mentioning I 'gave up' chocolate in March 2011 and I have restricted amounts otherwise I'd drown myself in a pool of chocolate.