Thursday, 3 May 2012

Worn Out.


Tantrums were had in the evening. This is what happens when you cut a two year old's nap. 

For the past while Roman has been avoiding sleep and so, this was day one of cutting out his afternoon nap. We put him to bed, but it was totally fruitless - he didn't want to sleep. 

Today was tough. I'm exhausted but I'm sitting here after midnight, typing this, discovering I only took two blurry photos (this one included) today. I tried to be productive with my work earlier in the day, then I realised I had to vote in our local elections. I took Roman with me because the sun was out in full force, bought some ice lollies and a lolly maker.

When we got home something awful happened. The front door was open, Roman knows how to open the gate and with these two factors to consider I'm sure you can sketch out what might have happened next. He disappeared for a split second - he's so quick. I ran out the door without shoes on when I realised he was gone, desperate to get to him. I could hear him he was so close but I couldn't see him which is just a terrifying moment in any parent's life. I found him, wandering near the next door neighbour's garden, outside at the front of our home - near the road. So thankful that the road we're on is not busy at all, mostly used as a parking spot for cars. Still, my heart was on hold the whole time. The worst 2 seconds of my life.

And then there was this face; exhausted. There were pleas to go to bed. Refusal (for the first time) to go into a bath. Just so fed up of this staying awake thing for this little boy. Then cheekiness in bed, the exhaustion that had swept over him was gone and it was replaced by a huge cheeky grin and a refusal to lie down.

Within 5 minutes there was no sound from his room. Good night indeed.