Sunday, 27 May 2012

Heat Wave.


Lately I've been feeling like I've stumbled into some parallel universe and we actually live in Tuscany instead of Scotland with this crazy heatwave we've been having - it just won't quit! Your first unbearable heat of summer, living in Scotland, after you've lived through two relatively mild summers.

You don't make any complaints, you wear your hat with no upset and *gulp* you even say things like; 'grease on, no cancer and die.' 'Grease' is the name given to the sun cream we apply to his pale skin every time we go out (and top him up with, as well as ourselves) and Bryan, being the blunt speaker that he is, informed Roman of the risks of not wearing his 'grease.' Now he won't stop saying it. 

Roman is even at the point of lecturing and reminding me to wear my 'grease' so I don't get cancer and die. Weird thing is that when I have these little reminders I actually put my grease on, remembering that my skin isn't superhero skin that can somehow bounce the sun's rays ;). 

I took this picture just before 6pm. At night. It looks like the middle of the day. That sun does not want to sleep and I'm beginning to feel personally tormented by its heat. Also, because of the heat it's messing around with Ro's sleeping pattern, so we take little walks like this to tire him out - and it works. Bless those little legs that carry him.