Monday, 7 May 2012

Roman's Cat.


Roman is a little into cats. Well, really, he's into all animals but cats seem to be his favourite type of animal for the meantime. With this in mind one of his favourite toys to cuddle into while he's up and about is his toy cat. He loves it.

While he's in bed it's his beloved 'Deacon' - a blue dog he's had since he was a newborn but while he's in the living room, separated from Deacon, 'cat' is his go-to toy. His cuddle toy.

And today in general? Less than great. He was tired. I was tired - and very achy. I've been finding that we're both just so worn down and wracked with pure exhaustion lately but that bedtimes seem to be getting later. Sometimes Roman won't get to sleep by 9pm, despite being putting down to bed at 7pm! This is after his naps have been cut. Today I gave up on the 7pm bedtime at 8.30pm, brought him into the living room when Bryan's parents came round and he snuggled into his gran.

Today he had a short nap and I think this really threw him off by the time bedtime came...but seriously. Even after the nap he was exhausted. He just put himself down on the floor (picture below) with a cushion, blanket and his cat. Totally wiped out. I know the feeling, wee man. I know the feeling.