Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Changes And Voting.

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Hello regular and new readers.

To my regular readers:

All your comments are gone! I installed a new way of commenting only to realise (after it was done) that it wiped out all your comments. After two years (this month) of blogging all my comments are lost :(. While this is terribly sad for me, the new 'system' will make commenting easier for everyone - apparently you can even comment through your Facebook, which I am still admittedly figuring out, and although I'm fairly certain most of my regular readers had found their feet with my old commenting system I just wanted to make it a better experience for everyone.

Not only do you have several platform accounts you can comment from (Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress etc) where you couldn't comment from before but I can REPLY to comments properly! :D. I'm excited. It isn't horribly complicated but if you run into problems then please either email me (on the side) or contact me on Facebook directly (where there happens to be an interest chat about honeymoons, too! Did you go on one? Or were you like me and 'deprived' of one ;)? Well, add your voice to the topic - I want to hear suggestions and get ideas!).

To new readers; hello! Welcome to my little blog. 

I hope that the new way of commenting really makes things easier, it was frustrating me not being able to reply and I knew there was a risk of all my comments going bye bye but I'm looking forward to many more being added.

On top of this I have a small favour to ask you. I'm 220000 on the list at Top Baby Blogs and this makes me sad :(. I would really like to be in the top 10 and while I've tried to do this on my own it's just not possible - support and asking for help is the only thing to do in this scenario.

Top Baby, Daddy & Mommy Blogs on TopBabyBlogs.Com

It makes me a little squeamish asking for help in this kind of thing...but I really want to make this blog my own little special something. At this point in time I'm not sure what that means for me, but I just want to share my life with anyone it can help and inspire. After all if it wasn't for blogs, I wouldn't be doing my own 366 Project so I believe blogs can give back and I'd really like to do that.

I've been feeling like changes need to happen over the past few days and I'm just getting ready to put those ideas onto paper and make this blog to be the best it can be but I really need your help in doing that! So, vote for me (daily if you can), pass the link round your friends, Tweet about it, blog about it - all help is appreciated and will be rewarded with invisible cupcakes and internet hugs from me.

P.S remember that commenting has changed - easier, quicker and more fluid than before! Woohoo.